Additional Qualifications


Ronald Andrews


Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY
Senior Process Engineer 2006 - present

Designed and accredited new and improved processes for contact lenses.  

• Major contributions to new manufacturing process with projected first year revenue well above $10M. 

• Assisted accreditation of automated line that resulted in savings of $1M/year.

• Developed electrostatic treatment to reduce defects with potential savings of $500K/yr.

• Refined cure requirements of existing system enabling a line speed-up saving $450K/yr.

• Statistical consultant for other engineers and scientists.

• Designed rapid curing technology that enables continuous thermal curing.

• Developed improved control of contact lens mechanical properties.

• Developed dry processing techniques for experimental lenses.

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY
Principal Engineer (equialent) 1996 - 2005

Designed new products. Led technical project teams

• Designed a new product with innovative structure that resulted in $6M/year in new business.

• Led team that developed novel replacement for existing fluorosurfactant to avoid environmental concerns, improve quality and reduce waste.

• Created and managed budgets in excess of $1M.

• Designed new simplified formula that enhanced product features and increased productivity by 40%, resulting in multi-million dollar cost reduction.

• Led project teams to refine existing technology that reduced cost of materials by $1.5M.

• Designed new formula that reduced annual cost by $1.3M while providing new advertising claims.

Senior Development Engineer 1992 - 1996

Scaled research formulas to fit manufacturing facilities for new products. Designed for improved manufacturability. Mistake-proofed formula-transfer process.

• State-of-the-art products introduced on time and within budget.

• Eliminated formula transfer errors saving about $250K/year.

Senior Product Engineer 1989-1992

Specified, scheduled, and reviewed acceptance testing for new plant. Led teams to write corrective action guidelines (CAG’s), disposition rules, and ISO-9002 documentation.

• Installed innovative learning curve schedule that increased efficiency of new plant start-up.

• Integrated ISO-9002 procedures with high performance work teams so that operators made most quality decisions.

Product Engineer 1984-1989

Implemented statistical process control and quality improvements to support production. Maintained and delivered customized formulas, ensuring product quality.

• Reduced variability of key product measurements by 80%.

• Implemented improved formulas to improve product stability.

• Wrote software utility that was still in use 15 years later.