Stationed at Terre Haute, Indiana, September 2, 1862. September 2.— Muster-in roll of Captain William Reeder’s Company, in the Eighty-fifth Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, commanded by Colonel John P. Baird, called into the service of the United States by the President from September 2, 1862 (date of this muster) for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged.. .

First Lieutenant, Nineteenth Infantry, United States Army, Mustering Officer.
Stationed at Lexington, Kentucky, September 2-October 31, 1862.

Stationed at Dansville, Kentucky, November-December 1862.

Stationed at Brentwood, Tennessee, January-February 1863.

Stationed at Franklin, Tennessee, March-June 1863.

Stationed at Murfreesborough, Tennessee, July-August 1863.

Stationed at Duck River, Tennessee, September-October 1863.

Stationed at Fosterville, Tennessee, November-December 1863.

Stationed at La Vergne, Tennessee, January-February 1864.

Stationed at Bridgeport, Alabama, March-April 1864.
The above named persons that are marked transferred are those that did not veteranize and were transferred, agreeable to Orders No. 376, War Department.

Stationed in the field, Georgia, May-June 1864. [For record of events, see Company C.I

Stationed in the field, Georgia, July-August 1864.

None stated.

Stationed at Atlanta, Georgia, September-October 1864.

Stationed at Savannah, Georgia, November-December 1864.

Stationed in the field, South Carolina, January-February 1865.

Stationed in the field, North Carolina, March-April 1865.

Stationed near Washington, District of Columbia, June 12, 1865. June 12.— Muster-out roll of Captain Caleb Bales’ Company (D), in the Eighty-fifth Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel A. B. Crane, called into the service of the United States by the President at Terre Haute, Indiana (the place of general rendezvous) on September 2, 1862 to serve for the term of three years from the date of enrollment, unless sooner discharged, from August 31, 1864 (when last paid) to June 12, 1865 when mustered out. The company was organized by Captain William Reeder at Clinton, Indiana in the month of August 1862 and marched thence to Terre Haute, Indiana, where it arrived August 12, 1862, a distance of fifteen miles by virtue of General Orders No. 77, Adjutant-General’s Office, and Special Instructions, Adjutant-General’s Office, May 20, 1865, to date from June 12, 1865. Officers borne on this roll will not receive final settlement until they present certificates of non-indebtedness to the United States . . . .

Captain, Acting Assistant Commissary of Musters, Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps, Mustering Officer.